DJ Delorie

DJ Delorie is a software engineer at Red Hat Inc (dj@redhat.c), and a hardware engineer as a hobby (dj@delorie.c), specializing in deeply embedded toolchains (gcc/binutils/sim) and initial hardware bootstrapping.


git clone git://

The bootstrap package takes a set of SRPMs and cross-compiles them into a minimal bootable rootfs, then builds additional SRPMs in this rootfs, in order to bootstrap Fedora on a new architecture. Currently, it supports ARMv7 hard-float, and is incomplete (it's a work-in-progress)


The dump-boot-blocks program reads a raw sdcard (/dev/sdd for example) and tries to detect any reason why a pandaboard (or other OMAP device) would be unable to boot from it.

Koji Statistics Scripts

The first is a set of scripts to measure build times, by querying the Koji databases. Since the query takes hours, the second is a copy of the query results so you don't have to re-run them unless you want updated build times. The scripts include a README.txt with instructions.